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dxlovasakura's Journal

My Version of the Twilight Zone

Hi! I'm usually a very funny person who loves to make people laugh and have fun. I do know when to get serious though. It's like I have split personalites that way. I'm really into music and writing, epescially writing. It's like thearpy for me. I write a mainly slash fics, which I'm trying to post in my journal. I kinda live in the middle of nowhere and I see more animals than people. Contrary to that I do have a life. I don't like to party that much and spend a lot of time at home. I do like to visit my friends hang out and act stupid with them. I don't like smoking or drinking. My lungs can't take smoke at all and people in my family get really stupid when then get drunk so I don't want any part of that.

I'm a big wrestling fan and I want to go to Wrestlemania one year. I love all types of music except for country. I love to sing too. I'm mainly into Jrock. To some people I come off as kinda cold and indifferent but I've always been shy and I'm a really nice person when you get to know me.