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New Fastlane Fic
Title: Five Parts Smut + One Part Cuddles
Author: Sakura
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Pure smut!! There is absolutely no plot to be found in this fic
Pairing: Van/Deaq
Summary: They can't keep their hands off each other and slowly but surely everyone around that eventually comes to notice that.

A/N: I've had this written for who knows how long and never posted it, so I figured why not now?! Please enjoy! :)

1. Aquarius
Aquarius couldn't say he was shocked he caught them together. Hell, he was surprised it didn't happen sooner with the way they would act around each other. They probably thought he didn't know. He'd have thought they would've learned by now. It was LA, there wasn't much he didn't know. He was, however, surprised when Van called and said he had convinced Deaq to go surfing again and wanted to meet him at the beach in the morning to catch some waves.

He arrived early that morning. He saw the cars parked and their boards stuck in the sand, but no sign of Van and Deaq. Aquarius shook his head and started off down the beach, muttering to himself along the way, “Why am I not surprised.”

He saw no sign of them and was about to head back, when he saw the outlines of two figures in a small alcove on a more secluded part of the beach. As he moved closer he could tell exactly who it was. Van was sitting on Deaq's lap, gripping his shoulders tightly and resting his head on his shoulder as he looked like he was trying not to moan.

They still had their trunks on and he could see Deaq's arm moving swiftly behind Van's back and Aquarius knew exactly what was going on. He stopped moving toward them right when Van moaned loudly enough for him to hear.

“Yo cuz!” He shouted, chuckling as he watched the two jump and look over in his direction. “We gonna surf anytime today?!”

He watched as Deaq went to move his arm and try to stand only to have Van grab his wrist to keep him from moving anymore. Apparently he did something else Aquarius couldn't see because soon Deaq was shouting back at him, “Uhh yeah in a little bit. We'll catch up to you. I just have some...thangs to finish here.”

A full blown laugh was Aquarius' response this time. “Don't be too rough playa! I got outta my bed at dawn and I'm not gonna be the only one catchin some waves here today, ya feel me?”

“Yeah I feel ya dawg! Just give us like ten minutes,” Another move from Van. “Twenty minutes! Then we'll meet you back up the beach.” Deaq said quickly.

“All right! I'm gonna hold you to that.” Aquarius started back up the beach, snickering the entire time. Well he could at least appreciate the fact that they weren't full blown fucking on the beach, he was kind of surprised they had that much control. Now he just had to think of all the ways he could tease his cuz about how whipped Van had him. He guessed that would make up for all the surfing jokes Deaq loved to make.

2. Jarod
Jarod was a bit like the department mascot, and as such, tended to drop by unannounced from time to time. He figured since he hadn't been around lately to bother his two favorite undercover cops, now would be the perfect time for him to stop by.

He was wrong. He was very wrong.

He had managed to learn many things from Van and Deaq, but sadly, timing wasn't one them, so while he managed to show up right when Billie had left for a meeting with Captain Parrish, it was also when Van and Deaq and decided to make the most of their alone time.

“Wha—Wha--What the hell are you guys doing?!”

Van and Deaq broke about and looked sheepishly over at Jarod. Deaq's hands continued to rest on Van's hips, holding him to his spot on the pool table. “Well if you don't know what we're doing, you might not be as old as we thought.” he said with a small chuckle.

Jarod still couldn't believe it and his face reflected that fact. His eyes still looked like they were still about to bug out of his head and his jaw had dropped low enough to catch flies. “So you mean you two are--- He is – you are---”

“If you're trying to ask if we're together then yes.” Van said exasperatedly and then looked at him with a cool glint to his eyes, not unlike he had when he slipped into ice mode for a case. “Look is this really gonna be a problem Jarod? Cause if it is can we deal with it later? We're kinda busy right now.”

That finally seemed to shake him out his stupor and he began to shake his head and arms wildly, “Of course not guys! This is isn't any problem at all. This will not leave the candy store!” His eyes started shifting around nervously as he continued to look anywhere but them.

Van sighed, “What is it now?”

“Well—umm-- I have no problem with you two being together or anything but...it would be a lot easier to wrap my mind around if I didn't have to stare at your dicks this entire time.”

Van and Deaq looked at each other, then at Jarod, before looking down at their laps an realizing what he was talking about. Apparently in their haste to enjoy their Billie-free time that they hadn't bothered covering up when Jarod came in, so the rookie got a nice eyeful of their cocks hard and brushing against each other, which explained why Deaq kept shifting his hips and Van couldn't sit still.

“Uhhh—yeah so about that--” Deaq started but was instantly cut off by Jarod's frantically waving hands.

“No don't worry about it guys.” He said as he backed out of the candy store as fast as his feet would allow him, “I'll just make sure to call next time.”

He had almost reached the door before something made him glance back one more time. He knew he shouldn't, but it was like a train wreck and he just couldn't help it, but when he looked back he wished he could because apparently they hadn't missed a beat. Deaq's hand was wrapped around both of their cocks and was stroking them at what looked a like a pretty rough pace as Van rested against him and struggled to keep his voice and hips under control.

Yeah he definitely was gonna call next time.

3. Random Mark
Even though they tried their hardest to not mix business with pleasure, they couldn't help but enjoy it when they could use their relationship as part of their cover. Like their current case, a pimp that was using his girls to run massive amounts of coke through the underground club scene. He was extremely protective of his girls, didn't want any outside influences on them, so while he had almost refused to work with them at first, he had a sudden change of heart after they told him they were together.

“What time is it?” Deaq wanted to strangle Van when he asked that question for what seemed like the twentieth time in the past half hour.

“Thirty seconds since the last time you asked me!” Deaq tried to keep the anger out of his voice. He knew it wasn't Van's fault that he was bored and slowly becoming a five year old again. Meets got to all of them, especially when they involved a lot of waiting, While apparently their mark was a good businessman, he could not tell time worth a damn. They had been left sitting in the middle of a deserted parking lot for over an hour after the time they had set for the meet. They would have just booked it and rescheduled, but apparently their guy's main supplier was only in town for a few days and if you didn't meet on his time you didn't meet at all.

Van glared at him and rested his head against the window, before an idea struck him and he grinned at Deaq and reached over to stroke his thigh and kiss lightly at his neck. “I think I have an idea of what could distract you.”

Deaq didn't even look over and just moved his hand away and gently pushed him back, “Van I know you aren't that bored. Besides, this guy may be cool with us bein together but I really don't wanna see how he reacts if he sees us goin at it in the back of the car.”

“Deaq come on! Do you really think he's gonna show after having us wait this long? This guy is never late. Face it! Either his partner is suspicious about us or he got nabbed for something stupid on the way here! Either way he's not showin up and we've been sitting in this car for over an hour now waiting for nothin.”

Deaq still didn't pay his outburst any mind, “You're bored and horny now aren't ya?” he deadpanned, having been used to all of Van's moods and ploys to get them to fool around on the job.

“Hell yeah!” He pouted and leaned against Deaq again. “Come on. I'll even let you...” the grin that broke out on Deaq's face was enough to say that whatever Van had promised was definitely worth getting caught by the mark, besides they were supposed to still be in the honeymoon stage, so they they should definitely act the part.

They quickly crawled into the back with Van shedding his pants on the way as he knelt on the back seat, ass up, ready and waiting for what was to come. Deaq grinned at the sight before him and wasting no time, began teasing the rim of Van's hole with his tongue. Van shuddered at the first touch, they didn't do this often, but the times they did...well it didn't take long for Van to become completely undone.

Van quickly became wrapped up in what Deaq was doing and Deaq quickly became wrapped up in Van, but because of this they didn't hear the sound of car pull up or the feet walking towards them. They did hear the shocked, “What the fuck?!” but all that made Van do look up in the mirror blissed out and angry and gasp as Deaq's tongue finally made it's way inside him.

“B-boss I'm sorry! I swear this wasn't supposed to happen. I'll never work with two cocksuckers again if it means exposing you to this!” At this Deaq pulled away, grabbed his gun and got out the car.

“Excuse me? I think you wanna rephrase that since we're the only two 'cocksuckers'”, he said and air-quoted. “That are willing to buy your shit with everything you've been pulling on us.

“No, I don't want to rephrase!” Their mark shot back nastily. “Maybe this time I can find some real men to do business with and not some pretend--” Anything that he was gonna say next silenced, as he reeled back from the hard punch to the jaw from his boss.

“Don't mess with things beyond your pay grade dumbass!” The guy looking like the boss man glared at their mark before turning a cold stare onto them, “I don't give damn who you fuck. Tell your little lover boy in there to get dressed and then follow me. We got business to discuss.”

Their mark sent them one last glare as he held his possibly broken jaw and scurried off after his boss. By now, Van had readjusted his clothes and was standing beside him grinning, “Is it bad that after we bust them, I kinda wanna send him a fruit basket or something?”

4. Ray Ray
He should have known.

He really, really should have known. His dad always loved to show up at the most inopportune moments. He should have figured that out of all the people the two of them knew, Ray Ray would be the first one to walk in on them. He and Deaq couldn't exactly come off as anything other than business partners on most of their cases, and that tended to cause a lot of tension to build up which usually always came head after they busted the guys in their case.

Van groaned as his back slammed against the door to Deaq's apartment, and moaned louder when Deaq's lips attacked his as he hiked his legs higher around his waist. He tightened his arms around Deaq's neck as his thrusts became harder, just the way Van liked it after a rough case.

He was close. He could feel his climax building at the base of his spine, slowly building and spreading throughout his body. When Deaq began to speed up, Van threw his head back and reached his hand between them to jerk himself off. He dropped his head down on Deaq's shoulder, his moans growing in volume until they were almost screams. Right then Van's eyes snapped open and he really did scream as his climax finally hit and also that's when he realized his dad was standing right behind Deaq.

“Jesus Donny was it really necessary to scream?” He gave them thoughtful look before speaking again, “Though with what you two were doing I'm not really that surprised.”

Van barely had time catch himself as Deaq instantly dropped him and began grabbing at his clothes. “Ray Ray how the hell did you get in here?!” he shouted angrily.

Ray Ray just laughed and sat on the couch as he watched the boys get presentable. “Now is that anyway to treat a guest?”

Van just glared at him, “Yeah dad, especially when you sneak into someone's apartment and then appear out of fucking nowhere!”

“Easy there boys, just wanted to stop in for a visit.” He said waving his hands in front of him apologetically. “Besides this a good lesson to learn, that while getting busy against a door is always fun, know...”

“Well I've learned much more than I really wanted to know today.” Van said as he sat on the couch, “but really dad, what are you doing here?”

“Well bout that...think you two can take a little break and help an old man with a little favor?”

Van couldn't help but sigh. This was gonna be a long night.

5. Captain Parish
Captain Parrish gave a lot of leeway to Billie with the Candy Store. He knew how good of a cop she was and also knew how much of a success this unit could be when handled correctly. He did have to hand it to her. She knew how to pick cops perfect for the unit. People that screamed criminal instead of cop with every move they made. Even though they may not show it, Van Ray and Deaqon Hayes were two of the best cops Parrish had ever seen.

However, that wasn't to say they didn't have any irritating qualities. They were impulsive, undisciplined cowboys that would never listen to reason at their worst. He had heard Billie's suspicions of a relationship between the two, and he suspected she knew more than she let on, but if they weren't giving her a reason to be concerned then he wouldn't be either.

It was a routine trip to the Candy Store, they were working on a particularly tough case and he figured it was time for him to drop by and give them some cryptic advice and just to generally make sure that they weren't at each others throats. The warehouse was empty when he entered, or so it seemed. He heard a soft sigh and glanced up to the balcony where he saw one detective Hayes, hands behind his head and looking at the ceiling like he didn't have a care in the world.

Now, this alone wasn't unusual, apparently both of them would have major epiphanies about a case when they were doing absolutely nothing, but what strange was the look of horror on his face when he looked down and realized he was no longer alone. He looked a bit like a fish and apparently couldn't keep his arms from flailing wildly, but something eventually made him calm down as he gave a nervous wave to the captain before relaxing again.

“I'm here to see Billie! Do you know where she is?”

“Uh—umm...She isn't here just yet.” A nervous shift in his seat, “But I'll definitely let her know that you were here.”

The captain couldn't ignore the moan that followed the end of Deaq's answer and sighed as he shook his head. He was about to turn and walk out when he had a change of heart. It wasn't often he had a chance to have a little bit of fun with the detectives and contrary to popular belief he did have a sense of humor, even though he would be speaking to Billie about controlling where and when her detectives decided that the sexual tension between the two of them was about to overflow.

“Do you think you can find out where she is? This is very important.” He said instead.

It took all of his willpower to keep the smirk off of his face as he watched Deaq fidget in his seat as he tried to figure out what he could do without giving himself and what was going on below his waist away.

Deaq shifted again, leaning forward slightly and resting his hand on his leg, or what would possibly be the ridge of a shoulder if the Captain squinted. “Uhh I could try but you know how boss lady is, she can be a downright ghost when she wants to be.”

The captain nodded and turned as he began to walk out of the candy store and silently chuckled at the sigh of relief from Deaq that was loud enough for even him to hear and decided that they really should know they can't get one over on him.

“Thank you very much Detective Hayes and please tell Officer Ray that it is more polite not to hide when your superiors are in the room.”

He didn't have look back to know that both of them probably looked like fish out of water right then and he finally got the chance to laugh when he heard the echo of the punch and the shout of, “Dammit Deaq! I told you this was a bad idea!” He tuned out the rest of the argument as he walked back to his car with a grin and a shake of his head. Yes, he was definitely gonna talk to Billie about controlling her detectives sexual tension because while the first three times he'd caught them and played that little joke had been greatly amusing, now it was becoming annoying and only slightly amusing.

+1 Billie
Since she started working with Van and Deaq, she had been prepared for almost anything. She knew all too well just how much those two thought they were cowboys and how often that little quality of theirs got them into trouble, but usually turned out well for them and they were good cops, but she would never actually say that to their faces, they'd never let her live it down.

With that said, when she found out that the two of them were in a relationship, she was prepared and had resigned to the fact that she would be catching them having sex in the Candy Store at least once a week, but for once all of her preparations were for naught, as one thing she expected happen, never did. She had heard the horror movie version of catching them together from Jarod, the amusement from Aquarius, and the annoyed version from her captain, which she didn't hesitate in busting their balls over the next day, and even the disbelief from some of their marks from the bugs she would sometimes put in the cars.

When she walked into the Candy Store that morning, however, she saw them doing the one other thing she never thought she would ever see them doing, curled up in front of the couch, the TV forgotten in the background looking, well, adorable, though she would never actually say that out loud either. Deaq had his back resting against the couch as Van rested comfortably against him, with his head on his chest and his bass in his lap, strumming at it absently.

Oddly enough, this is how she found them most of the time, curled up somewhere watching a movie or just goofing around in the boxing ring or on the basketball court. She knew how they could get when the emotion and the passion between them became too much to bear. She had seen them many times after a case where one of them had nearly gotten hurt or killed where they could barely keep their hands off each other, even if it was just to check for wounds. Their jobs were far from normal, and seeing her two detectives like this, injected just the right amount of normalcy into her life, just like she knew their relationship itself injected the right amount of normalcy into theirs.

She couldn't help but smile as she walked over to them, the pair looking happier than they'd ever seemed before they got together. ”Morning guys.”

Van looked up and grinned, “Morning sir.”

Deaq just shook his head, “Morning Billie.”

She ignored the sir comment and started briefing them about their next case. She continued to sneak glances, watching as Van put away his bass and curled further into Deaq's shoulder and when Deaq started stroking Van's thighs as a way to keep his partner relaxed. She couldn't deny that they were good for each other, and that cases went much smoother now that Van wasn't constantly falling into bed with their marks. Actually, the more she thought about it, everything just seemed more right now that they had gotten together, like this is something that should have happened all along.

First Sons of Anarchy Fic
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

New Fic Time! -Showdown in Little Tokyo
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Nikki Sixx moment part two without the drugs. I can say I don't care but apparently I've done something wrong that pissed someone off, and I guess I'll never find out. I should ask but I don't wanna make anything worse. I can't even ask what they did because I was curious, without feeling I've done something wrong. It's not like they tell me the truth anyway. I really don't get it. I don't know what happened, whatever it was I didn't mean to do it, but I shouldn't let other people make me feel like crap.It isn't fair to me. I've tried ignoring it but it makes me feel worse. I guess I have no other choice, but I hope this doesn't lead to worse things.

Fuck I need a drink

First Bleach Fic
Title: Close Your Eyes
Author: Sakura
Rating: PG - 13
Pairing: Shun/Uki
italics - Shunsui

It had been a week. At least Shunsui thought it had been a week. At the moment, time wasn't one of his concerns nor was his status as Captain of the eighth division. If it had been a week, he was sure Nanao would have been on his case, but right now, that wasn't important to him either. Not even the thought of happily getting wasted and avoiding paperwork was on his priority list. The only important thing was the man lying unconscious in the bed next to him.


Jyuushiro...” Shunsui said softly. “It's been too long. Its time for you to wake up now.”


His plea went unanswered, so he continued to sit. Shunsui wasn't going to leave until his lover opened his eyes, no matter how long it took. This attack of Ukitake's illness was worse than any other he had seen. It killed him to see his love in such pain. When he awoke that morning to see his lover hacking and coughing, struggling to even take in a breath, he thought it would be a regular trip to the fourth division barracks.


That's when he noticed the blood.


He had never seen his Jyuu cough up so much of it at once and then when he stopped moving at all, Shunsui acted on instinct and carried him over to Unohana as fast as his flash steps would allow. That had been a week ago and there hadn't been a change since. There were very few things that could scare Shunsui, but the thought of being without his love never ceased to strike fear into his heart.


Unohana tried to reassured him, told him that Jyuu would be just fine, that this attack had just taken a lot out of him and that it would take more time to recover. He heard her but continued to stay by his side. Medical knowledge was one thing, but seeing with your own eyes that the one you love more than life itself is all right is completely another.


He took Ukitake's limp hand and brought it to his lips, kissing it softly. “Wake up Jyuu-chan. I need you. Who else is gonna save me from paperwork when Nanao-chan is keeping watch on me? Who is gonna drag me out of the bars only to give me more sake when when get home?” His voice became softer as he continued, “How could I ever fill the hole in my heart if you don't wake up?” He rested his forehead against his lover's cool hand and sighed. “Please...”


He felt the slight twitch of the hand he was holding, but shrugged it off as wishful thinking. Then when the hand tightened weakly around his, he couldn't stop the smile that was beginning to break out over his face.


You're awake...”


Brown eyes slowly opened and focused on the man in front him. “Shunsui...” he croaked, his voice dry and raspy from its time without use. “What...happened? How long...”


Shunsui tried to reply but he couldn't get any words to form, instead he slowly crawled onto his lover's bed and gently cradled him in his arms. “Jyuu...”


Jyuushiro smiled and raised a hand to rub soothingly at Shunsui's arm. The eighth division captain just held him tighter. “You've been here a week. You had me so worried. I thought that this was it, that this was when I would finally lose you.” He couldn't stop the tears that had begun to fall after seeing his lover was all right.


Shun...” Ukitake croaked. “You should know by now. You're not going to lose me.” He reached up and brushed the few stray tears away from Shunsui's eyes. “We've been together for close to two thousand years. I'll always be with you no matter what, I promise.”


Shunsui smiled above his lover and nuzzled his face into his hair. “That's quite a promise Jyuu. How will we be able to keep it?”


Jyuu remained silent for a moment before he softly said, “...Close your eyes.”


hmm? Why?” Shunsui asked curiously.


You wanted to know how we'll be able to keep it and I have a way to start.” At Shunsui's slightly confused look, he continued. “It's something Rukia told me she heard in the living world and I haven't been able to forget it.”


Whatever you want. Just tell me what I need to do.”


After Shunsui helped him sit up, Jyuu laced their hands together and smiled happily at his lover. “Now close your eyes and repeat after me.”


Like the brightest stars in the darkest skies of night”


      “Like the brightest stars in the darkest skies of night”


Hearts that have truly joined will never fade”


      “Hearts that have truly joined will never fade”


Even if these hands should ever pull apart”


      “Even if these hands should ever pull apart”


The connection between us will never be betrayed”


      “The connection between us will never be betrayed”


As Ukitake opened his eyes, he continued to beam. He couldn't explain why, but hearing those words pass between them made him feel an even closer bond to his lover than before. “Never forget that. If I'm not with you physically I want you to remember our promise and always remember I'm right along side of you.”


Shunsui didn't say anything. He didn't need to. Everything he was feeling, his Jyuu-chan had already said for him. Instead, he he tilted Jyuushiro's chin up and leaned in for a kiss. As he felt his lover's soft lips against his own, for the moment he had nothing to worry about. His love was all right and few simple words had eased his worries more than anything else in the past. A promise was a promise, and if there was one thing that Shunsui doesn't do is break promises, even when they seem impossible to keep. They've done the impossible before and now there wasn't a doubt in his mind that they could do it again.

First X/1999 Fic
Title: Subaru's Wish
Author: Sakura
Rating : PG-13
Pairing: Sei/Sub
Summary: During one of their encounters, Seishiro decides to give his Subaru something that he dearly wants, but will never ask for. But at what price will his wish be granted?

The rain beat heavily against the windows of the room. Subaru stood silently as he watched it, the smoke from his cigarette clouding the the window. It was times like this that he most strongly wished that things had turned out differently, that he wasn't completely alone. But his mind kept screaming out to him, “You're not alone! Seishiro's still out there.” That thought alone, if possible, broke his heart even more.


He had to avenge his sister, he owed her that much. The will to find and kill Seishiro was all that he had left driving him, but was it so bad that after all the other man had done to him that he still loved him? Still held him so dear in his heart after he had taken everything from him? Subaru didn't know the answer to that as he rested his head against the glass and sighed. “No matter what I do...or how hard I try...I just can't stop thinking about him.”


Maybe that's a sign my cute Subaru.”


Subaru's head whipped around instantly, sutras in hand and ready to fly. “Sei-Seishiro! What are you doing here?!” The anger in his voice was just as noticeable as the surprise as he stared at the source of his current turmoil. He wasn't truly shocked or surprised that Seishiro knew where he was, even without the marks Subaru has no doubt that he would always find him no matter what.


The assassin just smiled in his sweet and charming way that at one time always made him weak, and the anger inside Subaru continued to build as he realized that it still did. “Why else would would I come here, but to see you Subaru.” That one statement made Subaru drop his guard and gave the older man all the time he needed to pin Subaru against the wall. He leaned in and nuzzled the younger man's neck, “And I'm not leaving until I get what I want.”


Subaru struggled violently against Seishiro. He didn't want this, his mind was screaming to him that he didn't want this. He continued to struggle and tried to push Seishiro away, but his efforts were pointless. They may have been equal when it came to their spiritual powers, but when it came to physical strength, it always seemed that Seishiro had the upper hand. “Relax.”He said softly, as he nipped at his ear. “I'm not here to fight with you.”


Subaru slowly stopped struggling and stared at him, the anger and hurt still evident on his face. What Seishiro had said completely confused him. What could the assassin possibly want that didn't involve inflicting him with more pain?


As if he was reading his mind, he answered with a cryptic smile. “I'm here to grant your wish.” He leaned against Subaru's neck and began laying soft kisses from his chin to his shoulder and back again, his hands releasing his grip on Subaru's wrists and pulling the slim body closer.


Subaru gasped as he came in contact with Seishiro's arousal, his hands grasping at Seishiro's shoulders. “My w-wish?” He whispered as he felt a hand slide between his legs and cupped his growing arousal, stroking him at a slow pace that had Subaru panting harshly against Seishiro.


The older man grinned against his neck. “I'm here to give you the one thing you want, but will never ask for.” He sped up his hand and Subaru arched into his touch, his grip on Seishiro's shoulders growing tighter. “Tonight I am all yours Subaru. Isn't that what you wanted?”


Subaru was torn between his mind and his heart. His common sense was telling him that no matter what the other man was telling him, that there was some kind motive behind what he was doing. He knew that Seishiro had no understanding of emotions like love and happiness. This had be some kind of rehearsed plan to get him to drop his guard and weaken the dragons of heaven.


His heart on the other hand wanted to desperately believe that something good could come from what happened between them. He had always wondered what it would be like if they were just regular people, what it would be like to have a normal relationship, and of course, what would it be like if Seishiro made love to him. He was finally getting the chance to find out and decided he wasn't going to waste it.


Subaru gently pushed the older man away from him and stared up at him shyly, before stepping forward and kissing him hesitantly on the lips. The kiss was soft and sweet, everything Subaru could have possibly wanted his first kiss. He felt Seishiro's strong arms wrap around him as the kiss deepened, their tongues dancing as their passion continued to build.

Seishiro moved them from the wall to the single bed in the room, pushing Subaru on the bed before crawling over him. He smiled down at Subaru, and all Subaru could do was smile back. Because when he looked at this Seishiro, he didn't see the cold hearted and ruthless assassin that he wanted so much to kill, but instead, the warm and kind man that had protected him and that he had fallen in love with.


Seishiro moved them from the wall to bed, pushing Subaru gently down before crawling above him, placing kisses from the toned stomach up to the strong chest, and finally to the slender neck. With each kiss and lick, Subaru couldn't help but moan. No one else had ever made him feel like this before, and with every touch, with every kiss, he felt the barrier that had hidden his feelings for the the other man slowly begin to crumble. He embraced Seishiro tightly, as if he never wanted the other man to leave. This was the first time in a while where he had been remotely happy, and he was gonna do everything he could to make it last.

Later that night, when the two enemies turned lovers lie bed, content and sated, Subaru finally had a chance to ask the question that had been on his mind since the older man had appeared earlier that night. “Seishiro?”




Why did you do this? Don't you still want me dead?”


Seishiro's remained silent for a moment, pulling Subaru closer to him and resting the younger man's head on his chest. “I don't want to kill you. I've tried before and I didn't succeed and I don't think the result now would be any different. Besides, Subaru...” With this he leaned down whispered in to Subaru's ear. “I do love you.”


Those simple words made Subaru freeze. Before everything had went to hell, that was all he had ever wanted to hear from the other man, but now that he had it he didn't know how to react.


Subaru shook his head. “You don't mean it. You could never mean it. I know that much.”


Seishiro sat up and grabbed his cigarettes from the floor and lit one. “That's what I thought myself.” He grinned as he continued. “But you can never be to sure of anything when the end of the world is approaching.” He took a drag before he handed it to Subaru. “This may not be the only thing you wish for with all of your heart, but this is a wish I can fulfill more than once...even if you won't remember it until after I'm gone.”


Subaru blinked at him in confusion, “I don't understand. Tonight isn't something I'm likely to--” Anything that Subaru was going to say was cut off after Seishiro placed two fingers on his head and rendered him unconscious with a small burst of power. He caught him and laid him back down gently and took the cigarette from his hand and placed it back between his lips as he began to get dressed.


The spell was harmless. He had used it countless times before, and the only times he could remember using it so clearly was when it had involved Subaru. It was better like this. Seishiro thought as he picked up his jacket. Subaru didn't need to remember, he never needed to remember. He would have liked the younger man to know about this night, but it was out of his hands. It wasn't as if they would ever be together in the end anyway, fate made sure of that, so he decided to make sure that all Subaru could do was hate him.


As he left silently through the door, he had to spare one last glance from the sleeping man in the bed. He knew what Subaru's true wish was, and he knew what it would take for him to grant it for the younger man. This is is the least I can do though. He thought as he closed the door. It was for the man that would kill him one day...the one that he was supposed to love more than anything, and though he would never admit it to himself...he was beginning to believe that.

'Till the End of Time
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Witches and Pie
Author: Sakura
Rating: R
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Disclaimer: As much as I wish I did, I still don't own Supernatural


It was supposed to be a regular routine hunt. Find the witches, kill the witches, and maybe get vacation time while they were at it. It was not supposed to involve the witches zapping Dean through a door with some kind of weird spell right before Sam and Cas ran in and killed them, but of course, that's what happened.


Dean! Dean!” Sam shouted as he ran over to where Dean was sprawled in front of the impala, “Are you alright?”


Dean sat up dazedly, blinking to clear his head. “I'm fine.” he muttered. “Besides the whole spewing bodily fluids thing, this is just another reason why I hate...” As he trailed off a goofy grin replaced the scowl on his face and he stared blankly toward where Sam and Cas were standing.


Dean? What are you looking at?” Sam asked.


There was no reply. Why would he even think of taking his attention off of something so beautiful? Dean had never seen anything like it. It was a bit under six feet tall. It was in the most perfect circle he had ever seen. The crust was a nice golden brown and had a bit of filling on the center and it was already sliced, but it was still perfect. The scent wafted towards him, as if it was calling his name and he walked toward it, completely spellbound.


Sammy! I didn't know you brought some pie up here with us. Where did you find one this big?” He walked over to his pie and held it, nuzzling his face against the crust.


Sam couldn't say anything. He just looked at his brother as if he had grown a second head. He had seen him on the verge of insanity before, but this was a whole new level of crazy, and coming from them that was saying something.


Cas was confused. He knew there was something wrong with this picture, but he didn't know what it was, so he broke the silence. “Sam? Why is Dean hugging me and nuzzling my hair?”


Well Cas, I'm not exactly sure. Maybe you should come over here just in case Dean...tries to eat you.”


Eat me? What are you talking about? Humans haven't used each other for sustenance for hundreds of years. Trust me, I would have known if they had suddenly started again.”


Sam groaned. “Cas, just don't ask. Let's just try to get Dean to let you go for right now.” As he reached out to pull the angel away from his brother, his hand was hit heard an he was met with Dean's pissed off glare, and Sam was wasn't completely sure, but he think he heard growling.


My pie!” he said possessively. “Get your own!” He inhaled deeply and the scent of cherries hit his nose, bringing back the goofy grin again. “Cherry. The second greatest kind of pie after apple.” He noticed the small dollop of filling on the crust and began licking it up. “Mmm. I don't know where you found this one, but you have to find some more!”


Dean, come on. You can't really be serious.” Sam pleaded. “You of all people should know that pies can't grow to human size!”


With all the things that we've seen as hunters do you really think that it's not possible for there to be extremely large pies!” He said between licks.


Now Cas was beginning to get nervous. The things Dean were doing were reminding him of that whole brothel escapade. Even though he could easily overpower Dean and get away from him, Cas found that he really didn't want to. Mainly because he was slightly worried about what Dean might do if he thought his “pie” was trying to escape and there was the fact he was beginning to enjoy the soft, catlike licks of Dean's tongue on his neck. Which he was enjoying so much he didn't hear Sam calling his name.


Cas! Damn it Cas! Are you still with us?”


I'm fine. I was just thinking that maybe it would not hurt to leave Dean like this. It might just take some time for this to get out of his system.”


Sam sighed. “I'm not taking any chances.” He grabbed his cell and began dialing the familiar number. “I'm gonna call Bobby. Hopefully he'll have some intel on how to fix Dean.” As he waited for an answer, all he could do was shake his head and wish he had some ear plugs or at least his Ipod.


Dean had moved on from licking his neck to nibbling on his ear while mumbling about flaky and sweet the pie was. Which in turn was making Cas moan continuously. The angel was trying hard not to move and from where Sam was standing, it looked like he was really enjoying being Dean's pie. After being forced to watch that, Sam almost jumped for joy when he heard Bobby pick up.




Bobby! Thank God!”


What have you two idjits done now?”


Sam looked back over Dean who had now gotten Cas' coat off and was nibbling on his neck again while working on his shirt. He really was wondering what Dean was seeing , but he left it alone. Dean's pie habits were something he did not want to know about.

Well...we were hunting some witches and Dean got hit with some kind of spell.”


And?” Bobby asked.


...And now he thinks Cas is a giant pie and is currently trying to eat him.”


Idjits! Something like this could only happen to you two.” Bobby sighed. “Well are they dead?”


No, but if this keeps up I think Cas might overheat a bit.”


Bobby really wished he could get out this chair and go hit them in the head a few times, but since he couldn't do that, he had to settle for yelling. “I was talking about the witches Sam!”


Damn Bobby take it easy. You're not the one watching Dean grope and kiss Cas while listening to him say how good his pie tastes!”


Bobby shuddered. “Well at least Dean isn't actually trying to eat him, but anyway did you find any hex bags in the house?”


No. We didn't find anything. It was like the entire house had been cleaned out.”


Well if the spell didn't wear off after you killed the witches, then there must have been some serious juice behind it. I'll have to do some research, but I'm thinking that you'll have to let the spell run its course.”


Great. This is just great. Thanks for all your help Bobby.” Sam grumbled as he hung up the phone. He glanced back over at Dean and twitched. Dean had worked the angel's shirt undone and was currently feasting on his chest, nipping and licking every patch of skin he could reach.


Cas had flushed a nice shade of pink and was well on his to looking like a cherry...or a tomato for that matter. He had his hands braced on Dean's back and his head tipped straight back as he moaned with every touch of Dean's lips on his skin.


Dean wasn't sure why Sam kept looking at him like he was crazy. Can't a man enjoy a perfect slice pie with his brother thinking he had snapped? He had taken bites from at least three different slices of pie, but he couldn't finish them off. It seemed like a crime to make something that perfect disappear.


Even though he was in heaven with his pie, there was one thing that was beginning to nag him. He saw his brother staring at him and twitching, but he couldn't find his angel anywhere and it was starting to bother him. “Sam! Where's Cas?”


Sam, who was seriously contemplating taking the car and leaving them both out there, was surprised that Dean had noticed he was still there and was also struck with an idea. “I haven't seen him since we came out here to check on you.” he said slyly.


You two did kill all of the witches right?” He asked as continued to nibble at Cas' stomach.


Yeah. At least I think we did. We never found out how many were in that coven.” Sam had to grin as he saw Dean slowly lose his focus on eating his pie and began to pay more attention to him. “And with Cas losing his mojo, who knows if he can handle them.”


Sam hoped his plan would work. Dean seemed to be only a few minutes away from completely stripping Cas and claiming the rest of his pie, and while Cas looked to be enjoying it, that was definitely something Sam didn't want to see. If he could get Dean worried enough about the angel, maybe this would break the spell.


Cas hasn't lost that much of his mojo.” Dean said as he began working on another slice of pie, which was really him undoing Cas' pants. “He still has enough juice to whack as many demons and witches as he wants.”


Are you sure?” Sam said hurriedly. “He barely has enough juice left to zap us anywhere, let alone enough to kill demons!”


Luckily, that finally got Dean's attention and he stood up and walked towards the car. “Grab what's left of my pie and stick it in the car. We have to go find him.”


Sam sighed. At least he had gotten the spell to weaken a little bit, but the fact that he was willing to stick a human sized pie in his car and have it travel with them wasn't getting his hopes up any. He walked over to Cas, who was still flushed and panting and trying to fix his clothes. “Cas, I think I got the spell to weaken. He might actually be back to normal soon.”


Instead of an answer, Sam was promptly punched in the jaw. “Cas what the hell was that for?!” he shouted from his place on the ground.


Cas tilted his head and gave Sam his best attempt at a glare. “I felt it was the appropriate thing to do after you stopped Dean from ravishing me.”


All of the commotion had brought Dean running back to the two of them. He looked at Sam and then he looked at Cas. He did this for a few more minutes before finally focusing on where the angel was standing. “Cas? When did you get back? Are you alright? What happened to you?”


I am fine Dean. I have been here the entire time and you are what happened to me.”


Sam finally got up from the ground and stared at his brother in confusion. “Wa-wait you're telling me that you actually see Cas now?”


Well yeah.” Dean chuckled. “What else should I be seeing right now?” He walked over to Cas and began looking at all of the bites and hickeys on his neck and shoulders. “Damn! What have you been doing?”


You don't remember? You are the one who did this to me.”


No away. I really I would remember doing that.” he smirked. “Especially to you.”


Well what do you remember Dean?”


Well, I remember being sent through the door of that cabin and you two coming to see if I was alright. Then I remember seeing...it!”


And what exactly is it Dean?” Sam asked.


Dude! It was the most perfect cherry pie in the history of all cherry pies! It was good as hell too.”


Ok but did you notice anything different about it?”


Well...It was this perfect golden brown and it was already sliced up. There was was a tiny bit of filling right in the center, and it was delicious!”


Sam really didn't understand how Dean could be so great at hunting, but so dense in almost everything else. “Work with me bro! Did you notice anything about the size?!”


Take it easy Sammy. It was the largest pie I have ever seen in my life! It was actually about Cas' height...holy shit!” He stared at the love bites again as a look of realization crossed his face. “I really did do that...”


Finally he gets it!” Sam shouted. “That damn spell had you thinking that Cas was a giant pie and you kept trying to eat him. I thought was gonna have to blind myself from watching you with him. Not to mention that when I finally got your attention off of him, he punched me!”


Dean almost fell to the ground in laughter. “That's my angel! He knows when he's being cheated out of a good thing!”


Sam just gave Dean one of his patented bitch-faces and stomped his way back to the car, mumbling something about ungrateful brothers and their evil angel sidekicks. As Cas watched the younger Winchester walk away, he looked back at Dean who had finally stopped laughing and tapped him on the shoulder.


Yeah Cas?”


Since Sam has left can you continue to ravish me now?”

New Fastlane Fic

Title: Whenever You Need Me
Rating: PG
Pairing: Van/Deaq
Disclaimer: Sadly I still don't own
Summary:  Van wakes up with a horrible cold and while attempting to get to the Candy store ends up passing out. Deaq comes to check up on him and proves to his lover that no matter what he will be there for him. 

When Van woke up his body was aching. No, correction, his body was throbbing and not in the good way either. He struggled to open his eyes and when he finally managed it, the sunlight streaming through his window was too much for him, and he had to close them again.


All he wanted to do was cover his head with his pillows and go back to sleep, but the sudden ringing of his cell completely crushed that hope. He reached out for his phone and clumsily grabbed it. “Van here.” he croaked out.


Man where are you?!” Deaq's angry voice shouted over the phone. “You were supposed to be here an hour ago! Billie's so pissed off. She's been ridin my ass all morning about where you were!”


Van pulled the phone away from his ear. His partner's yelling wasn't making his head pound any less. “I'll...be there...in twenty.”


Now that he didn't have to worry about where Van was anymore, Deaq noticed the scratchiness and how tired his voice really sounded. “V, you alright? You sound horrible.”


Van tried to reply, but was overcome by a sudden coughing fit that made him feel like he was hacking his head off. When it finally ceased and he could at least attempt to breathe again he answered, “I'm fine. Just think I'm coming down with a little cold.”


Doesn't sound like a little cold...maybe I should come get you. From the way you sound, you don't need to be driving.”


No Deaq. You don't need to do that. I can get there on my own.”


If you're that sure you're not that sick, try to get out of bed right now.” Deaq said and waited.


Fine!” Van grumbled over the phone as he made his first attempt to get out of bed. When he realized that room was still spinning even though he had stopped moving, he had second thoughts about driving. “Maybe picking me up isn't such a bad a idea.”


Deaq chuckled, “It's no problem baby. I'll be there in a few.”


The phone clicked off and Van sighed. Deaq may have been coming to drive him to the Candy Store, but there was still the annoying fact that he actually had to get out of bed first. Van struggled to sit up. Each of his limbs felt like they had a hundred pound weight attached to them and every time he moved pain shot through his body, as if it was telling him to quit while he was ahead.


Van was finally able to put his feet on the floor and tried weakly to stand up, only to promptly fall back onto his bed. Van groaned again. “This is definitely gonna take a while.” Three attempts later, he had finally been able to stand without falling. Now the next task was the truly difficult one: walking.


He stumbled a few steps toward the bathroom, using the wall as support, he managed to briefly walk on his own, but the heaviness of his body was too much to take. As he reached out for the bathroom door his legs gave out and he collapsed, opening the door and hitting his head on the tiled floor.


Van tried to get up again, but his cold and possible head injury were making it very difficult, and the cool floor was extremely soothing to his overheated body. He relaxed against the floor as his eyes began to close. I'll just lay here for a second, and maybe take a short nap before Deaq gets here. That will get me some of my strength back.


Deaq had now passed from annoyed to worried. Every time he had tried to call Van to check up on him, he wouldn't pick up. Deaq quickly parked his car and raced into the apartment. He hoped that his lover was still in bed, but knowing how stubborn Van was, he knew it wasn't likely. When he opened the door, his anxiousness reached new heights. The room was completely silent. Deaq was so used to hearing Van's constant chatter or the TV blaring that the silence of the room seemed alien to him.


Van?” He called out. “Van are you all right baby?” Deaq want to slap himself after saying that. Of course he wasn't. If he was, they'd both be at the candy store getting their asses handed to them by Billie for some reason or another, prepping for a new case, or just hanging around and shooting hoops. Deaq looking around their apartment to find a sick Van did not fall under any of those options.


He continued looking around until he stopped suddenly, freezing in horror at what he saw. Deaq found his lover, laying unconscious halfway between the hallway and the bathroom. He rushed to Van's side, rolling him over and holding him up. Deaq caressed Van's face and he unconsciously leaned into the touch.


Damn you're burning up.” Deaq picked Van up and carried him back over to the bed, wrapping the blankets around him. He quickly grabbed a cloth and dipped it in some cold water before placing it on Van's forehead. “Come on V. You gotta wake up for me man. I need you all uppity and hyper again.” There wasn't a reply, but when Deaq saw Van's hand slowly reach out for his, Deaq knew immediately that he had heard him.


When Van awoke later that day, the sun was long gone. There were tiny beams of moonlight streaming in room through the window. Deaq still sat next to their bed, keeping a close and watchful eye on his lover. Van's fever had broken a few hours ago, but that didn't stop the moonlight from highlighting his face and showing just how pale he had become.




When he heard the soft, scratchy voice call his name, Deaq's head snapped up and he leaned in, watching his eyes flutter open and the beautiful green depths focusing onto him. “You really had me worried baby. How are you feeling?”


Van stared at him for a moment, as if trying to remember something important, before shooting up and looking around the room in a panic. “Deaq, I'm so sorry! Billie's gonna kill me for making us late!” He began trying to get out of bed and Deaq had to pull him back, holding his arms in a firm grip until Van calmed down.


Relax baby, relax. I called Billie awhile ago to tell her we weren't coming in. I've been here for hours, so you don't have anything thing to worry about.”


You've been here for hours?” Van looked around in confusion. “How did I end up in bed?”


He eased him back down on the bed and gave him a glass of water. “I found you passed out on the floor. You looked so sick. I stayed here and kept watch over you until you woke up. What happened?”


I...I'm not really sure. I remember you calling and saying you were on the way to come get me. I got up to get ready and the last thing I remember was trying to take a shower.” A sudden fit of coughing wracked Van's body. As the coughs subsided, he began to shiver. “I really hate getting sick. I feel miserable.”


Well let's see if I can't remedy that.” Deaq crawled into bed beside Van and wrapped his arms around him, cradling his head against his chest. “You felt like you were on fire earlier, at least you're cooling down now.”


I feel like someone stuck me in a freezer for a few hours.” Van began another coughing fit and tried to pull away. “You're gonna get sick too. I can't let you end up stuck in bed like me.”


Deaq chuckled, “As long as I'm laid up in the same bed with you, I don't think I'm gonna mind. Besides, you really think I'm gonna leave you all by yourself while your sick? Not my style, baby. Besides, you deserve to be waited on hand and foot sometimes, even if you can't completely enjoy it.”


Van smiled, his face still hidden in Deaq's shirt. “Not gonna argue with that. I know you wouldn't leave me alone when I needed you.”


Deaq tilted his head up and kissed him softly on the lips. “Glad it's finally gotten through your thick head. Now get some rest.”


Van snuggled closer to him and finally fell in a relaxing sleep. He wasn't sure whether it was because his virus was finally going away or because Deaq was holding him, but he decided not to question it and just enjoy it while it lasted.

His Hands
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